Central Park Thyme by Meraas | new launch

Meraas launches Central Park Thyme

Meraas, a renowned real estate company, has  announced the launch of a new phase of its highly sought-after Central Park community in City Walk. Named as Thyme, this impressive development is a 10-storey building that comprises 147 residential units. 

These units include 1-4 bedroom apartments that offer stunning views of a beautiful park. The apartments are designed to provide comfortable living conditions, with each property featuring one or more balconies, a lobby, and a utility room.

To facilitate your purchase, Thyme offers a 70/30 payment plan. Moreover, the development boasts an array of lifestyle-oriented amenities that cater to the needs of its occupants. The amenities include a gym, a children’s pool, and a swimming pool. In addition to this, City Walk has several exciting offerings such as a residents-only park, a nursery, a dog park, game tables, and an events area among others.


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