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Because of the region’s numerous regulations, being a landlord in Dubai comes with a significant number of responsibilities. As a result, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of all factors that may have an impact on your role as a landlord. These factors may include what type of documentation you require in order to rent your property, requirements in order to advertise your property online, and the types of documentation that are required from a tenant when you rent out your property, tenancy laws as per the Dubai Land Department and Real Estate Regulatory Authority, and overall just a general understanding of how the rental process is currently carried out in Dubai.

Landlords can rest assure that our agents are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to be able rent their properties in the shortest amount of time at the highest price possible.

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The Springfield Way of Marketing a Property

  • An in-depth discussion with our seasoned secondary property advisors to get an understanding of the property and to price it according to the market.
  • Aggressive Marketing via social media on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat to name a few.
  • Email and SMS campaigns to our client network about a client’s property.
  • Advertising on UAE’s top property portals such as PropertyFinder, Bayut, and Dubizzle to name a few for maximum reach and exposure of a client’s property.

A Tenant’s Guide to Renting a Property

Are you looking for a property that is within your price range, provides the features and amenities you require, and is in the right community that appeals to you?

At Springfield Properties, we take great satisfaction in our familiarity with the market, tenants, as well as the procedures and laws imposed by the government. We can provide you with the highest possible value in the shortest amount of time because of our excellent marketing tools, our ready database of tenants on the lookout for new properties in the market, and our award-winning ability to close a deal.

Сosts When Renting in Dubai

Important to Consider the Following Factors When Renting a property

Can I afford it?

In Dubai, the first and most significant step in the process of renting a property is the calculation of a budget. You can start your search off on the right foot by making use of a budget as a foundation.

After figuring out what budget works for you, you can narrow down the locations in which you can afford a property to rent out. This will make searching much easier for you as a tenant.

What are my requirements?

Think about the things that are necessary in the home that you rent. In Dubai, do you plan to rent an apartment or a villa during your stay there? Which of these locations do you favor the most?   Consider how far you would have to drive to go to the nearest schools or your place of employment.

It is quite unlikely that a property will meet all your criteria so be flexible and therefore prioritize this list and restrict your search to properties that fall within the parameters you have established for them.

Do viewings

It is easy to forget to ask the questions you had in your head before you walked through the front door when you are touring a property because the viewing process can be rather overwhelming at times. Jot down your questions beforehand and ask your broker about it prior to the viewing.

Alternately, if there is anything you don’t like in the property, bring your worries to the attention of your broker and they may be able to offer you a solution to the problem.

Contract Signing

Once you like a property, be prepared to make an offer to the real estate agent and wait for approval from the Landlord. If the Landlord approves your offer, you will then meet with the real estate agent in their office to sign the contract. Make sure you read the addendum where terms of conditions for the entire duration of the property is listed prior to signing the contract. These terms and conditions are important as it will dictate all works and responsibility inside the property during the duration of your lease.

Get Connected

After signing of the contract, you will need to get the property registered with EJARI which is a government entity in the UAE responsible in ensuring all properties rented in the region are registered and updated in the government system. 

After getting your EJARI done, you will then need to have your electricity, air conditioning, telecommunications and internet connected inside the apartment.

Be prepared to pay security deposits for the electricity and air conditioning connection which are all refundable at the end of your lease term.

Inspection & Move-In

After you sign the contract, it is important that you visit the property and do a thorough inspection of it’s condition with the real estate agent. If there are any prior damages or scratches in the property, make sure you include it in your check list, photograph them and raise it to the attention of the agent to ensure that at the time of move-out, the Landlord will not ask you to be liable for damages that was already inside the apartment prior to your move-in.

Make sure you also ask the building management about the move-in process as some buildings or communities require an authorization from the owner to allow move-in. If you are working with a real estate agent, it is expected that the real estate agent you work with will be able to provide you with assistance in acquiring this information.

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