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Networking is a vital skill for real estate agents, allowing them to learn from others, gain clients, and promote their business. To build a strong network, prioritize quality over quantity, nurture relationships, and stay in touch with contacts. If you’re struggling to find leads, it’s possible that you’re not effectively leveraging your professional real estate network.  To maximize your network, focus on maintaining an …

Threads social media platform

Threads: Revolutionizing the Way Real Estate Agents Op...

Threads, the latest sensation among real estate agents, is rapidly gaining traction as a social media platform. Unlike its counterparts, Threads enables users to engage in threaded conversations, akin to comment threads, fostering comprehensive discussions on topics of utmost importance to them. Real estate agents are finding Threads to be an invaluable asset for various reasons. Firstly, it facilitates seamless connections with potential clients, …

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Tips for Selling Off-Plan Real Estate | Agent Guide

Tips for Selling Off-Plan Real Estate | Agent Guide

Selling off-plan properties can be a challenging task for real estate agents. Unlike ready-built homes, showing prospective clients what they are buying is not as easy. With only artist impressions and show units to rely on,as an  agent you must be creative and resourceful in their approach. However, with the increasing demand for off-plan properties, there has never been a better time to be …

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