Best Villas Communities to live in Dubai with Family


Dubai offers a myriad of luxurious villa communities, each providing unique benefits that cater to family needs. Below are some of the best villa communities in Dubai, featuring detailed explanations on why they are highly recommended, along with their average prices and bedroom sizes.

1. Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a popular residential community in Dubai, renowned for its family-friendly environment. The area offers a blend of apartments, villas, and townhouses, making it a versatile choice for various housing needs. JVC is designed with numerous parks, playgrounds, and green spaces, providing ample outdoor activities for families. The community also boasts essential amenities such as schools, nurseries, medical facilities, supermarkets, and a mall, ensuring residents have everything they need within close proximity.

JVC has seen steady growth in property values, making it an attractive investment option. Over the past few years, the area has witnessed an increase in demand, driven by its affordability and family-friendly environment.

In recent years, property prices in JVC have appreciated due to its increasing popularity among families and investors. According to market data, the average price of villas in JVC has shown a growth rate of around 5-7% annually. This growth can be attributed to the continuous development of infrastructure and amenities in the area.

Why it’s Great:

  • Family-friendly Environment: Numerous parks, playgrounds, and schools within the community.
  • Community Amenities: Retail outlets, fitness centers, and dining options.
  • Affordable Luxury: Offers a range of budget-friendly villas without compromising on quality.

Average Prices and Bedroom Sizes:

  • 3-bedroom villas: AED 1.7 million – AED 2.3 million
  • 4-bedroom villas: AED 2.4 million – AED 3.0 million
  • 5-bedroom villas: AED 3.0 million – AED 3.5 million

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2. Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is a distinguished residential community in Dubai, known for its luxurious lifestyle and family-friendly environment. Developed by Emaar, it offers a range of villas and townhouses set amidst serene landscapes. The community spans over 1,650 acres and features meticulously designed homes that blend traditional Arabian architecture with modern amenities.

Amenities and Facilities:

Green Spaces and Parks: Arabian Ranches is renowned for its abundant green spaces, parks, and cycling and walking trails, promoting an active and outdoor lifestyle.

Educational Institutions: The community is home to top-tier schools like the Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS), ensuring high-quality education is accessible.

Healthcare Facilities: Residents benefit from nearby clinics and wellness centers, providing comprehensive medical and wellness services.

Shopping and Dining: The Ranches Souk and Arabian Ranches Retail Centre offer a variety of shopping and dining options, catering to everyday needs and leisure activities.

Recreational Activities: The Arabian Ranches Golf Club and Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club provide exclusive recreational opportunities for residents.

Average Prices and Bedroom Sizes:

  • 3-bedroom villas: AED 2.1 million – AED 2.8 million
  • 4-bedroom villas: AED 3.0 million – AED 4.5 million
  • 5-bedroom villas: AED 4.5 million – AED 6.5 million

3. Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills, Dubai’s version of Beverly Hills, is a prestigious gated community known for its luxurious, sprawling villas, manicured landscapes, and world-class amenities. This freehold development, popular with wealthy families and business professionals, offers peaceful seclusion within a community environment. Residents enjoy access to championship golf courses, supermarkets, recreation areas, and top-rated schools, creating an idyllic lifestyle experience.

Why it’s Great:

  • Ultimate Luxury: Custom-built villas with high-end finishes and amenities.
  • Privacy and Security: Highly secure environment with a gated entrance.
  • Prestigious Location: Proximity to top-tier schools and exclusive golf clubs.

Average Prices and Bedroom Sizes:

  • 5-bedroom villas: AED 20 million – AED 40 million
  • 6-bedroom villas: AED 30 million – AED 60 million
  • 7-bedroom villas: AED 45 million – AED 80 million

4. Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential communities, designed by Emaar. This master-planned development offers a blend of luxury, convenience, and green living, making it an ideal choice for families. Located strategically between Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, the community spans over 11 million square meters, featuring extensive green spaces, parks, and a championship golf course.

Why it’s Great:

  • State-of-the-Art Amenities: Golf course, parks, schools, and the expansive Dubai Hills Mall.
  • Modern Living: Contemporary villas with cutting-edge architecture.
  • Green Living: Extensive parks and open spaces promoting outdoor activities.

Average Prices and Bedroom Sizes:

  • 3-bedroom villas: AED 2.8 million – AED 3.5 million
  • 4-bedroom villas: AED 3.5 million – AED 5.0 million
  • 5-bedroom villas: AED 5.0 million – AED 7.5 million

The rental market is equally strong, with three-bedroom villas renting for about AED 338,000 per year and 4 bedroom villas for approximately AED 348,140 per year. The annual rental yields are impressive, contributing to the area’s attractiveness for investors.

5. Al Barari

Al Barari is a luxury residential community in Dubai known for its eco-friendly design and extensive green spaces. It features lush gardens, natural lakes, and a range of high-end villas, making it a unique urban retreat. The community emphasizes sustainability and offers a tranquil lifestyle with ample amenities.

Al Barari has experienced substantial investment growth recently. In the first nine months of 2023, property investment deals surged by 400%, and residential prices increased by 35%. This growth is driven by high demand for luxury living and limited supply, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Why it’s Great:

  • Natural Environment: Over 60% of the area is dedicated to green spaces and waterways.
  • Luxury and Serenity: Exclusive villas with private pools and gardens.
  • Health and Wellness Focus: Wellness facilities, organic food market, and a community farm.

Average Prices and Bedroom Sizes:

  • 5-bedroom villas: AED 8 million – AED 15 million
  • 6-bedroom villas: AED 12 million – AED 25 million
  • 7-bedroom villas: AED 18 million – AED 30 million

6. Mirdif

Mirdif is a well-established residential area in northeast Dubai, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and convenient location. It is situated about 10 km from Deira City Centre and is close to Dubai International Airport, making it easily accessible. The community is designed to cater to the needs of families, featuring a variety of parks, schools, and shopping centers.

Mirdif presents a promising opportunity for real estate investment. The area offers a mix of freehold and leasehold properties, including apartments, townhouses, and villas. Recent trends indicate a steady increase in property values and rental yields. The rental market in Mirdif is competitive, with studio apartments renting for around AED 35,000 annually, and six-bedroom villas renting for up to AED 300,000 per year. The return on investment (ROI) in areas like Mirdif Hills ranges from 4.5% to 5.6%, reflecting the community’s growing popularity and development.

Why it’s Great:

  • Family-oriented: Parks, playgrounds, and reputable schools.
  • Convenient Location: Close to shopping centers like Mirdif City Centre.
  • Affordable Options: Great value for money with a variety of villa styles.

Average Prices and Bedroom Sizes:

  • 3-bedroom villas: AED 1.5 million – AED 2.0 million
  • 4-bedroom villas: AED 2.0 million – AED 3.0 million
  • 5-bedroom villas: AED 2.5 million – AED 4.0 million

7. The Springs

The Springs, developed by Emaar, is a well-established residential community in Dubai, known for its serene environment, green landscapes, and family-friendly atmosphere. It is part of the larger Emirates Living community and is situated conveniently close to key areas such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and the Mall of the Emirates.

The Springs has shown consistent growth in property values due to its popularity and demand among families and investors. Recent market data indicates that property prices and rental yields in The Springs have seen a steady increase. The annual growth rate for property prices in The Springs is around 5-7%, reflecting its desirability and robust market performance​

Why it’s Great:

  • Peaceful Environment: Beautiful lakes and landscaped parks.
  • Community Facilities: Pools, BBQ areas, and sports courts.
  • Affordable Family Living: Reasonably priced villas in a secure community.

Average Prices and Bedroom Sizes:

  • 2-bedroom villas: AED 1.4 million – AED 2.0 million
  • 3-bedroom villas: AED 2.0 million – AED 2.8 million
  • 4-bedroom villas: AED 2.8 million – AED 3.5 million


Each of these villa communities offers unique advantages, catering to different family needs and budgets. From the luxurious Emirates Hills to the eco-friendly Al Barari and the affordable yet vibrant JVC and Mirdif, Dubai’s villa communities provide a high-quality lifestyle for families. When choosing a villa, consider the amenities, location, and community environment to ensure it aligns with your family’s preferences and lifestyle needs.


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