Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Where to Get Free Medical Exams in the UAE for Early Detection 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Where to Get Free Medical Exams in the UAE for Early Detection

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a crucial time in the UAE, as the country aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and provide support to women. Numerous free events and initiatives have been introduced to promote medical examinations and foster awareness.


It is quite alarming to note the escalating rise of breast cancer within the United Arab Emirates, specifically among women who have reached the age of 40 and beyond.


According to the annual report on Cancer Incidence in the UAE, breast cancer has experienced significant growth in the past 10 years. In 2020 alone, there were 1030 cases of breast cancer among women, highlighting the importance of early detection and awareness.

To address this critical issue, the UAE is hosting a series of events and campaigns throughout Pink October. One of the leading initiatives is The Pink Caravan, organized by the Friends of Cancer Patients. They have planned over 90 events across the UAE, offering free mammograms, clinical breast examinations, wellness programs, and awareness sessions.


For female UAE residents aged 40 and above who are not pregnant or breastfeeding and have not had a mammogram in the past two years, free screenings are available at The Pink Caravan’s mobile clinics in all emirates. Additionally, women aged 20 and above, regardless of UAE residency, can receive walk-in clinical breast examinations at these mobile clinics.

The following is a full calendar for upcoming events by The Pink Caravan’s Mobile Clinic on October:


October 27: Global Village, Dubai from 5-10 p.m.

October 28: Al Habtoor Polo Club, Dubai from 2-6 p.m., and Global Village from 5-10 p.m.

October 30: City Walk, Dubai from 4-10 p.m.


Another initiative to support breast cancer awareness is IGNITE Pink is Punk, organized in collaboration with the Al Jalila Foundation. They have arranged charity activities, including a Pink Paddle event on October 21st at 6 a.m. on the waters of Palm Jumeirah.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time for reflection, support, and unity in the fight against breast cancer. The initiatives in the UAE not only focus on generating awareness but also on providing practical support and encouraging early detection. Together, we can improve the chances of survival and make a significant impact in the battle against breast cancer.


Dubai is the perfect place to call home as it is  committed to ensuring a high quality of life for its residents.


One thought on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Where to Get Free Medical Exams in the UAE for Early Detection 

  • Zahra
    on 24/10/2023

    I have Brest lump before 1 year I am ignore but now a days I feel irritation pain in breast shoulder eara.

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