Dubai Rank Second Place in Global Survey for Best 'Workation' Destination

Dubai Takes Second Place in Global Survey for Best Workation Destination

Dubai has emerged as a leading city for the rising trend of ‘workations’, according to a recent study by Berlin-based company, WorkMotion. With flexible working policies gaining popularity, employees are choosing to work remotely while enjoying a change of environment. Barcelona claimed the top spot in the study, but Dubai secured a strong second place.

The study evaluated various factors including visa regulations, remote working infrastructure, safety, mobility, happiness, affordability, and income tax rates. One notable advantage for Dubai is its zero income tax rate, making it a compelling choice for individuals looking to minimize their tax expenses during workations.

Dubai also excelled in safety and mobility. The city received a high safety rating, ranking second only to Bern in Switzerland. Stringent law enforcement policies, zero-tolerance for crime, and a prompt police response time contribute to Dubai’s excellent safety record.

Overall, Dubai’s strong performance in this global survey showcases its appeal as an ideal workation destination, offering a favorable business environment, safety, and zero income-tax policy. 


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