Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) opened two new footbridges over Ras Al Khor Road

two new footbridges on Ras Al Khor Road, dubai -1

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has opened two new footbridges on Ras Al Khor Road, offering enhanced safety and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists. These state-of-the-art footbridges have been strategically located based on factors such as pedestrian incident spots, traffic volume, and the movement of people between different areas.


Moreover, proximity to public bus stops and markets as well as the distance to the nearest pedestrian crossing played a crucial role in their placement.

One of the footbridges connects Creek Harbour and Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, spanning an impressive 174 meters. The second footbridge directly links Marhaba Mall and Wasl Complex in Nadd Al Hamar, measuring 101 meters in length. Designed with cyclists in mind, both footbridges feature ramps and racks to accommodate bikes.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these footbridges are fitted with high-tech electromechanical systems, alarms, firefighting equipment, and remote monitoring systems to ensure utmost safety for all users. The RTA’s commitment to pedestrian infrastructure is evident with the recent opening of another footbridge in June, connecting Al Khaleej Street. 


Additionally, there are future plans to construct footbridges on Al Mina Street, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street, Al Manara Road in the Al Quoz Creative Zone, and Al Khawaneej Street.

These new footbridges mark a significant progress in improving pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure in Dubai. They offer a secure and efficient way for people to navigate the city. Whether you’re walking or cycling, make sure to take advantage of these fantastic additions to Dubai’s transportation network.


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