Emaar Greenside Residences | Luxurious Living in Dubai Hills Estate

Emaar Greenside Residences

Introducing Emaar Greenside Residences, the new apartments located next to the golf course in Emaar Dubai Hills Estate. Discover a world of luxurious living in this brand-new development by Emaar Properties. With well-furnished apartments and a prime location in one of Dubai’s most thriving communities, Greenside Residence offers a natural escape and a wealth of opportunities for a healthy and luxurious lifestyle.

Situated in a strategic location, this project boasts an exceptional neighborhood surrounded by lush landscapes, golf courses, and clear lagoons. Residents can enjoy easy access to famous attractions, leisure activities, and entertainment sources, ensuring an enthralling and comfortable daily life experience.

Emaar Greenside Residences | Luxurious Living in Dubai Hills Estate

What sets Emaar’s Greenside Residences apart is its advantage of highway connectivity, allowing residents to conveniently reach the outer districts and landmarks of Dubai. This development offers an elevated, urban, and family-focused lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city, providing a serene environment for you and your loved ones.

Emaar Greenside Residences in Dubai Hills Estate offers an elevated, urban, and family-focused lifestyle with highway connectivity. The development offers exquisitely designed apartments, world-class leisure amenities, and a picturesque neighborhood surrounded by golf courses, lagoons, and lush landscapes. Residents can enjoy the convenience of an affordable payment plan, making owning a home a reality.


Experience the Emaar lifestyle at Emaar Greenside Residences and don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exceptional community.



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