Emaar Unveils The Oasis, a Luxurious $20 Billion Waterfront Development

image : Emaar

Emaar, a renowned property developer, has recently announced the launch of The Oasis, a luxurious $20 billion waterfront project in Dubai. The development will offer 7,000 high-end residential units, including beautiful villas and mansions, with a focus on stunning views of canals, lakes, and parks. The exact location of the project has not been disclosed, but it promises to be just a 20-minute drive from Downtown Dubai, making it easily accessible.

During an event at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, Emaar’s founder, Mohamed Alabbar, expressed his excitement for the project, stating that it would redefine luxury living with its seamless blend of stunning architecture and lavish amenities, surrounded by the calming presence of nature and water. The Oasis will cover a vast expanse of land, with serene lakes, winding canals, sprawling parks, jogging tracks, green spaces, and other high-end amenities.

Alabbar emphasized Emaar’s commitment to designing unique destinations that complement their client’s opulent lifestyles, promising unmatched comfort and luxury. Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, who attended the unveiling ceremony, praised Emaar’s consistent delivery of exceptional urban marvels. The Oasis by Emaar is set to be another masterpiece in a long line of stunning developments


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