Experts predict 2024 will be the year of Chinese investors in the Dubai real estate market

Experts predict 2024 will be the "year of Chinese investors" in the Dubai real estate market

Chinese investors are flocking back to Dubai’s property market, driven by the reopening of China’s borders and the need for safe investments amidst the country’s property crisis. Emaar Properties, Dubai’s largest developer, reported a significant increase in Chinese investments, accounting for 7% of total sales in the first half of 2023, up from 3-4% the previous year. Factors like pressure on China’s property market and eased travel restrictions are pushing Chinese investors towards Dubai’s property market  have big contributions.

Dubai’s property market is experiencing exponential growth due to high demand and a thriving economy. Government initiatives, such as residency permits for retirees and remote workers, have contributed to the market’s post-pandemic recovery. The influx of expats, including cryptocurrency executives and affluent Russian buyers, has further fueled the property market boom. Analysts project that this upward trend will persist considering the increasing population, minimal taxes, and favorable global economic conditions.

Knight Frank’s latest report reveals a 17% year-on-year increase in Dubai’s residential property prices in Q2, marking the 10th consecutive quarter of expansion. Many  brokerages companies  in the city  have already noticed a surge in growth, evident in data from July and August, as well as the increasing number of investor groups visiting Dubai to inspect properties.  Also they expect sustained growth in the luxury segment and emphasize that Dubai’s luxury real estate prices are exceptionally attractive compared to other global markets like London and New York.


Chinese investment is expected to gain momentum, it will not disrupt the market or exert additional upward pressure on property prices, as the current momentum is already strong, and international demand remains robust.


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