How to find the service charge of property in Dubai

service charge of property in Dubai

In the booming Dubai real estate market and increasing investments, it’s essential to consider more than just the initial cost when investing in a property. Service charges are crucial for property owners in Dubai as they cover the expenses of maintaining common areas in residential buildings or communities. 



These charges play a vital role in keeping your property and its surroundings in excellent condition. Thankfully, discovering the amount of service charges has become easier with the Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) Service Charge Index. This online tool simplifies the process, and I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to use it effectively.

So, what exactly are service charges? They are recurring fees homeowners pay for the upkeep and maintenance of shared areas in residential properties in Dubai. The costs can vary based on factors like property type and the services covered in the service contract. Generally, these charges include expenses related to security staff, cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, and property management


Now, you might be wondering why paying these charges is crucial. Apart from contributing to the overall cost of property ownership, they play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations, a seamless onboarding process, and cleanliness of shared spaces.


The Dubai Land Department has introduced the Service Charge Index, a user-friendly tool available on their website or through the ‘Dubai REST’ app. To access the service, visit the DLD website’s service charge index page, select the search method by title deed number, choose by service fee indicator, or by location map. 


The tool requires a certificate or title deed number, property type, and year of inquiry. To calculate the service charge details, complete captcha verification and click ‘calculate’. The service fee indicator allows users to select the project name, usage type, and year of inquiry. The location map allows users to verify their property’s location, select the project name, usage type, and year of inquiry.

Review the Details: Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, you will receive comprehensive information about the managing establishment responsible for your property, along with a detailed breakdown of the service charge costs.

Dubai’s Service Charge Index not only provides transparency to homeowners but also streamlines the payment process, reducing potential disputes between property owners, developers, and management companies. 


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