Moonstone Apartments and Villas  at Al Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah - a new launch 

Moonstone at Al Marjan Island , Ras Al Khaimah

Moonstone Apartments and Villas at Al Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah, is the latest masterpiece crafted by Durar Properties. This 16-storey residential tower offers 1 to 5 bedroom apartments and villas, epitomizing opulence and luxury. With 200 residential units and 4 commercial spaces, this architectural gem seamlessly blends with the island’s natural splendor, providing stunning sea views.

The building’s façade design draws inspiration from the coral reefs that define the name ‘Al Marjan.’ Shaped like the mesmerizing Moonstone coral, the M-form of the building ensures panoramic sea vistas from every apartment. The single-loaded corridor layout and 2.4-meter-wide continuous balconies guarantee unobstructed sea views and outdoor havens for each residence. Equipped with movable sun screens, these balconies offer flexible shading options against the radiant sun of the Arabian Gulf.

Moonstone Apartments and Villas at Al Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah - a new launch

The design philosophy of Moonstone Apartments and Villas at Al Marjan Island goes beyond aesthetics. It fosters a sense of harmony between the built environment and the surrounding natural beauty, creating a resort-like ambiance. Full vision glass panels seamlessly connect the indoors with the azure waters beyond, enhancing the living experience.

This exceptional development also offers high-quality amenities and a luxurious lifestyle in Ras Al Khaimah. A tempting swimming pool invites refreshing dips, while a fully-equipped gym caters to fitness enthusiasts. Steam and sauna facilities promise relaxation, and the spa provides a haven of serenity. Lush playgrounds complement the overall experience, making this architectural gem a holistic living enclave where coral-inspired architecture meets the boundless beauty of the sea on the shores of Al Marjan Island.


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