Procedures for Registration Inherited Assets with the Dubai Land Department

Registration Inherited Assets

If you have inherited a property in the UAE, it is essential to navigate the complex process of securing legal ownership. Registering the inherited property with the Dubai Land Department is crucial. With the help of a skilled conveyancer, you can simplify the process and avoid unnecessary complications.


The Dubai Land Department has a systematic procedure for registering inherited properties, ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership. This process follows the succession certificate and is well-documented and regulated.

Registration Inherited Assets with the Dubai Land Department

To begin the registration process, you need to provide certain crucial documents. The most important requirement is a succession certificate obtained from the Court. Additionally, all heirs, whether citizens or residents of the UAE, must furnish their Emirates ID Cards. 

Non-resident heirs should provide copies of their valid passports. If the property has a mortgage, a no-objection letter from the mortgagor is necessary. Lastly, a letter addressed to the Dubai Land Department from the Dubai Courts, other Emirates Courts, or the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation is required for the transfer of ownership . The process in the Dubai trustee office will just take a few hours.


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