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schools in dubai

The top schools in Dubai for an exceptional education experience. Families looking for world-class education in Dubai will find a range of prestigious institutions to choose from. Here are the best schools in Dubai:


1. GEMS Wellington International School: With campuses across Dubai, GEMS Wellington International School offers a British and IB curriculum from kindergarten to grade 13. Accredited by KHDA and accommodating a diverse student body from 70 countries, this school provides an exceptional educational environment for up to 3,000 students.

2. Repton: Renowned for academic excellence, Repton is a co-ed day and boarding school following the esteemed British Curriculum until Year 11. Its track record includes students gaining admission to Ivy League universities like Brown University, Princeton, and Yale. From FS2 to Grade 13, Repton offers an exceptional educational journey

school in dubai

3. Dubai College: Situated in Knowledge Park, Dubai College is a leading private school that adheres to the English National Curriculum. With a rich heritage spanning five decades, the institution prioritizes the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Dubai College excels in language acquisition and music, creating an outstanding learning environment.


4. Nord Anglia International School (NAS): Affiliated with The Juilliard School in New York, NAS stands out among the rest. Following the English National Curriculum and offering International Baccalaureate options at advanced levels, NAS caters to students from kindergarten to higher grades. Its comprehensive educational experience includes a robust language program and a dedicated focus on music.

5. Jumeirah College: As the secondary school to Jumeirah Private School, Jumeirah College serves students from Grade 7 to Grade 13. Known for its diverse and high-quality education, this school provides a quintessential high-school experience depicted in movies.


Rest assured that Dubai offers the finest education tailored to your children’s needs. These exceptional schools provide numerous opportunities for academic growth, personal development, and cultural enrichment. Choose the best school in Dubai for your family’s educational journey.


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