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Sobha Hartland is a luxurious residential complex in Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid City, covering 70,000 square meters. The complex comprises four sub-communities: Hartland Gardenia Villas, Waterfront Villas, Hartland Forest Villas, and Hartland Estates. These villas offer a blend of elegance and comfort, catering to discerning homeowners seeking an exceptional living experience.


The Gardenia Villas feature spacious two-floor villas with four bedrooms, private bathrooms, walk-in closets, private grounds, and terraces. The Waterfront Villas community offers 23 exclusive villas with stunning views of the Dubai Waterway, panoramic windows, terraces, gardens, and pools. The Hartland Forest Villas, nestled within an artificially planted forest, offer a serene environment with 4-5 bedrooms.


Sobha Hartland Estates offers 48 exquisite 4- and 5-bedroom villas, each designed to provide a spacious and luxurious living experience. The 4-bedroom villas range from 559 square meters to 758 square meters, accommodating various lifestyle needs.


Located at the intersection of Ras Al Khoor Road and Al Ain Road, Sobha Hartland is only 3 km away from Downtown Dubai and offers convenient access to various amenities and attractions. Residents can easily reach DXB international airports in just 25 minutes and Al Maktoum International Airport in 50 minutes. Popular destinations like Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, and The Walk JBR are all easily accessible within a 35-minute drive.


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