A single visa for GCC states to be introduced very soon

The UAE Minister of Economy has announced that a single visa for GCC states

Picture a world where traversing the GCC nations is an effortless adventure. A revolutionary single visa system  for all the  GCC  states  is on the verge of becoming a reality. This system is expected to transform the journey between the United Arab Emirates and its neighboring countries into a smooth and seamless experience.


This exciting development is not solely reserved for UAE nationals; it aims to benefit UAE residents as well, opening up new horizons for exploration.The visionary concept of this single visa structure has recently been discussed  by the Minister of Economy, Abdulla bin Touq. This signifies a remarkable stride forward in regional tourism strategies.

In an interview with The National, Minister bin Touq exudes his optimism about this initiative, stating, “I firmly believe this is an idea that has been brewing for quite some time. It perfectly aligns with all the GCC strategies on tourism. Hopefully, we will witness the implementation of a pan-GCC visa that will facilitate seamless travel within the GCC. A resident of Saudi Arabia, for example, will be able to effortlessly enter the UAE and vice versa. This is where we envision the future of GCC tourism.”

The UAE has made substantial investments in its tourism infrastructure over the years, setting the stage for this groundbreaking change. Although the exact launch date of the new visa system remains uncertain.This exciting development follows a series of recent enhancements to the UAE visa structure, underscoring the nation’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the travel experience for both residents and visitors.


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