What are Dubai’s top communities with access to the metro?


Dubai is a popular destination for those looking to live in the city’s center, with the Dubai Metro being a popular public transport provider. With 74.6km of lines and 47 stations, the Dubai Metro offers easy access to almost every corner of the city and provides residents with easy access in and out of their communities.


Downtown Dubai is home to the world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall, and the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. This popular community offers luxury and convenience, with amenities such as fancy hotels and restaurants. It is easily accessible to three bus stations, the Dubai Mall metro station, and multiple taxi hubs.


dubai metro

Jumeirah Golf Estates offers luxury and convenience, with 18-hole championship golf courses, restaurants, golf club-house, and amenities all within a stone’s throw. The community also features five stunning lakes and beautiful landscapes, making it perfect for nature-lovers.


Dubai Investment Park is a mix-use residential, commercial, and industrial area with numerous recreational areas. Business Bay, Dubai’s metropolitan hub, is a mixed-use residential and commercial community with towers, restaurants, amenities, multiple five-star hotels, and two malls.

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a luxurious haven for those seeking al fresco dining and corporate living. It is conveniently accessible from both ends of DIFC and has a taxi stand and bus stand by its station. Jumeirah Lake Towers offers lake living, golf course views, and direct access to the city.


Jebel Ali is a commercial hub with many residential units for those working in the same area. It is easily accessible in and out of the city, with a bus station and a couple of metro stations.


In summary, Dubai offers a variety of accessible and affordable communities, including Dubai Metro, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Investment Park, Business Bay, DIFC, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jebel Ali, and Jebel Ali.


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