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Weekly real estate transaction summary for t...

During the week ending on 09 June 2023, the real estate and property transactions in Dubai were valued at a whoppin ...
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dubai, UAE

Dubai and Abu Dhabi cost of living increases...

In the Mercer’s Cost Of Living 2023 Survey, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have experienced a rise in their cost-of-livi ...
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Dubai Tenancy Renewal

Tips for Tenants on Dubai Tenancy Renewal

Dubai is a bustling metropolis that attracts a diverse population, and renting a property is a popular option. Howe ...
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advantage and dis advantage of off-plan property

Advantages and Disadvantages of Off Plan Pro...

Off plan properties are those that are sold before they are built. Buyers purchase a property based on the plans an ...
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Dubai off-plan property payment plan

All about off-plan property payment plans

Dubai’s off-plan property market is thriving, and many developers are offering payment plans that are appeali ...
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city of Dubai

What are your rights as a tenant ? Can your ...

It’s important to be aware of the rental laws in Dubai, especially since more and more expats are making it t ...
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