Tips for Tenants on Dubai Tenancy Renewal

Dubai Tenancy Renewal

Dubai is a bustling metropolis that attracts a diverse population, and renting a property is a popular option. However, if you are a tenant in Dubai, you must be aware of the tenancy renewal process. 

Renewing Your Tenancy Agreement in Dubai

Renewing a tenancy agreement in Dubai is not automatic, and the tenant must inform the landlord or agent at least 90 days before the end of the current agreement. The landlord will provide a renewal contract with the terms and conditions, and the tenant should review them carefully before signing. Any issues or concerns should be discussed with the landlord before signing the contract.

Dubai rent

Renewal Rent Increase in Dubai

One of the most significant concerns for tenants when renewing their tenancy agreement is the possibility of a rent increase. In Dubai, landlords may increase the rent by a maximum of 20%, as long as the current rent is below the average market rate for similar properties in the same area.


If you feel that the rent increase proposed by your landlord is unreasonable, submit a complaint with the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre (RDSC) and present your case with the available evidence. The RDSC will assess the situation and make a ruling based on the evidence presented.

To renew your tenancy agreement in Dubai without any hassle, start the process early, review the renewal contract carefully, and address any concerns with your landlord or agent. If you face an unreasonable rent hike, file a complaint with the RDSC and present evidence. Follow these guidelines to make sure the renewal process goes smoothly.


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