Sheikh Mohammed Approves New Master Plan for Palm Jebel Ali | Dubai

Approves New Master Plan for Palm Jebel Ali

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, has given the green light to Nakheel’s new master plan for Palm Jebel Ali – a sprawling luxury lifestyle mega-project that will be twice the size of Palm Jumeirah. This ambitious development will cover 13.4 square kilometers and boast a staggering 80 hotels and resorts, green spaces, and a wealth of leisure and retail amenities.


The project is part of Dubai’s strategic development plan and aims to become the ultimate residential destination, offering beachside living for 35,000 families and an impressive 110 km of coastline. With Nakheel back at the helm, the Palm Jebel Ali island is set to further fuel Dubai’s position as a world-class destination and thriving global business and tourism hub. 

The project also ties in with Sheikh Mohammed’s recently announced plan to increase beach services and lengthen public beaches in the emirate, promoting sustainable growth and economic dynamism.


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    on 18/06/2023

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