Fashionz By Danube: New Luxury Tower in Dubai


Fashionz by Danube and FashionTV have launched a new luxury residential tower in the heart of Dubai, offering over 700 apartments spread across 65 floors. Each apartment’s design has been carefully crafted to embody the sophistication and glamour associated with the extravagant FashionTV brand. With prices starting from Dh 850,000, Fashionz is Danube Properties’ way of delivering affordable luxury to the residents of Dubai.

Founder and Chairman of Danube Properties, Rizwan Sajan, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with FashionTV, stating that the objective is to bring glamour and luxury fashion into real estate. As our homes are an extension of who we are, where and how we live should reflect our lifestyles. 

The worldwide recognition and appeal of FashionTV perfectly complements Danube Properties’ vision to establish a remarkable addition to the iconic Dubai skyline.

Michel Adam, Founder of FashionTV, also expressed his excitement about the project, stating that partnering with Danube Properties to create Fashionz in Dubai perfectly reflects the brand’s values and aesthetics. Maximilian Dennis Edelweiss, FashionTV CEO, added that partnering with Danube Properties to create Fashionz was a natural fit for them. 

The brand is all about luxury, elegance, and beauty, and they believe that Fashionz will embody those qualities, creating a truly unique living experience for its residents.

Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman of Danube Group, Dubai, emphasized Danube Properties’ commitment to designing homes that inspire and delight its customers. They are confident that Fashionz will surpass the expectations of their valued buyers as it reflects their unwavering dedication to excellence. 

Fashionz by Danube and FashionTV’s new launch, a luxury residential tower in the heart of Dubai, offers a unique living experience that goes beyond ordinary expectations. With its affordable luxury and exquisite design, Fashionz is set to become the epitome of sophistication and glamour in Dubai’s real estate market.


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