In 2022, women investors recorded real estate investments of Dh58.8 billion.

UAE women investment


The real estate sector in Dubai experienced a significant increase in female participation during 2022. Based on data from the Dubai Land Department (DLD), 26,698 female investors registered 33,419 real estate investments with a value exceeding AED 58.8 billion in the past year, representing a growth of 50.7% in volume and 53% in value from the previous year. Furthermore, the number of women investing in the sector rose by 50.8% in 2022 compared to 2021.

The real estate sector had a successful year in terms of transactions and contributed significantly towards the Dubai Economic Agenda D33’s goals. For the first time, annual real estate transactions exceeded AED 500 billion with a total of 122,658 transactions valued at AED 528 billion

Women played an active role in the real estate sector beyond investments. They worked as developers, real estate brokers, and members of the workforce. The DLD data showed that women accounted for 34.8% of registered real estate brokers. In total, 4,519 women brokers contributed to 8,606 transactions with a value of AED 696 million. Women constituted 42% of all employees in the Dubai Land Department and played vital roles in delivering the organization’s mandate across sectors and levels.


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