Next Group is joining the Dubai real estate market as the first Georgian developer with a hospitality investment project. 

UAE hospitality investment

Next Group is joining the Dubai real estate market. The lleading  investment and development firm headquartered in Georgia announced its forthcoming hospitality venture on the first coastline in Dubai. As the sole Georgian real estate developer, Next Group provides exceptional 5-star branded residences in partnership with globally recognized hotel brands such as Radisson Hotel Group and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. These hospitality projects offer customers an exclusive chance to become co-investors and owners of hotel rooms at Radisson Blu and Wyndham. In addition to branded residences, the company constructs and manages apart hotels and villas based on the most elevated global standards.

The company has established top-notch infrastructure and hospitality services on the Black Sea coast in Georgia, thereby raising the profile of the location among tourists and investors worldwide. Next Group offers several competitive advantages that distinguish it from other development companies in Georgia. Apart from its exceptional partnership opportunities with international hotel brands, the company’s commitment to quality is unmatched. It believes that a brand signifies a commitment to quality, and as such, it strives to ensure that everything it does meets the next level of excellence.

Dubai real estate properties

Next Group keeps expanding globally as the sole Georgian developer for a project on Dubai Island’s first shoreline, in collaboration with Master Developer Nakheel. The project will provide residents and tourists with a one-of-a-kind living experience, with more than 80 resorts and hotels, 20 kilometers of beaches, parks, open spaces, and luxury golf courses overlooking the Arabian Gulf. The islands are easily accessible by land and sea, with innovative living experiences, cultural hubs, recreational sports beaches, and beach clubs. The Next Group is optimistic about the possibilities and potential of investing in Dubai, and by the end of 2023, more details will be available about the project.


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