The Dubai Land Department will now give notifications via WhatsApp

The Dubai Land Department will now give notifications via WhatsApp.

The Dubai Land Department has recently implemented a more streamlined approach by sending notifications via WhatsApp. Whether renewing your rent or evaluating your property, you can now easily track the progress through this convenient platform. Also, the updates will be provided in both English and Arabic, catering to your language preference.


With a rich history dating back to 1960, the Dubai Land Department has successfully completed two billion transactions. This government body oversees all matters related to land and real estate in the Emirate, including the regulatory body, RERA. The property market in Dubai is thriving, as evidenced by Property Finder’s data from August 2023. An impressive 81 percent of renters were in search of apartments, while the remaining 19 percent were interested in villas.

Among those seeking to rent a villa, 54 percent preferred an unfurnished option. One-bedroom units were the top choice for 36 percent of renters, followed by two-bedroom units at 31 percent, and studios at 21 percent. As for villas, three-bedroom houses were the most sought-after, accounting for 43 percent of the demand. Additionally, 35 percent of tenants were searching for four-bedroom or larger villas, reflecting diverse preferences in Dubai’s property market.


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